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    This form is to be completed by Auxiliary Leaders to request specific demographic information.

    After approval, should any of the following apply, we will confirm:

    • When your mailing will be prepared for your team to put together. The staff will prepare labels and print letters your auxiliary has already written. Your auxiliary will stuff letters and will receive a postage code for stamps.
    • When your e-blast will be sent out 
    • When your phone list will be prepared. The staff will provide the ministry with a phone listing which will be kept at AFC. Your team will come to AFC to make calls.

    The Ministry office will review your request and will follow up with you directly on approval and distribution details.

    Your E-mail address
    Your Phone Number
    What type of communication are you requesting?
    Briefly describe the purpose of your communication
    What demographic are your requesting? (Men/Women; Age; Married/Single)
    When would you like this communication to go out?