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    Ministry Action Form

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    As we continue in excellence, this form will help us evaluate past ministry events.

    Please complete this form at the close of each event your ministry hosts.

    Please remember to email all event documents to formsubmit@afcchicago.org including:

    • Budget
    • Printed programs
    • Flyers
    • Handouts

    What is the title of the event that was just completed?
    What was the date of this event?
    What was the 'theme' of your event?
    What was the purpose of this event?
    Who was the speaker/leader?
    What was the total number of attendees?
    Did you stay within your budget?
    How would you describe the success or lack of success with this event?
    What is the next event your group is planning?
    Are there any testimonies you would like to share from your group?
    How can we assist you with any issues or challenges your group is having?