Welcome from Rev. Throckmorton

    Welcome - Welcome from Rev. Throckmorton

    This is NOT the church for you—UNLESS you want an extraordinary and winning and holistic blend of traits. Federated Church is a church that invites wholeness.

    We address both mind and heart.  We seek a combination of open minds and rigorous thinking. We speak a word both of reassurance and of challenge.  Biblically rooted, we are yet in touch with the world.  Progressive and contemporary in many ways, we also see ourselves as growing out of a rich and vibrant tradition that goes back thousands of years.

    This is not the church for everyone.  It IS the church for lively, thoughtful, energetic, committed people who seek hope and wisdom and connection and a ministry of their own.  It IS the church for people who yearn for moving music, extraordinary children’s programs, spirited worship, and a chance to make a difference in the world.

    On second thought, this IS the church for you!  You need us as much as we need you!  We’re glad you’re here—at the website.  And if you’re new, we hope to see you in church!

    The Reverend Hamilton Coe Throckmorton
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